Sanaa: Journal of African Arts, Media and Cultures <p><strong>Sanaa: Journal of African Arts, Media and Cultures</strong> (<strong>Sanaa Journal) </strong>ISSN 2507-7775 (Online) ISBN 987-9976-89-652-7 is an annual peer reviewed journal aimed at providing a forum for intellectuals, artists, media experts and creative people within and outside Africa to debate and publish scholarly works in relation to Africa’s arts, media and cultures.</p> <p><strong>Aim</strong></p> <ol> <li class="show">To publish issues related to Africa’s arts, media and cultures which are not often covered from a scholarly perspective.</li> <li class="show">To link contemporary arts, media and cultures to the historical past.</li> <li class="show">To build and rejuvenate research interest on Africa’s arts, media and cultures.</li> </ol> University of Dar es salaam en-US Sanaa: Journal of African Arts, Media and Cultures 2507-7775 Theatre as a Water Sources Care Sensitisation Tool: A Behavioural Change Intervention at Winneba Central Market, Ghana <p>Located at Winneba Central Market is a hand-dug well which serves as a source of water for traders and is one of the main sources of water supply for the community and its environs during water shortages. However, the condition of the well and its surroundings was undesirable. In consequence, a project was launched in April 2016 to use of Theatre for Development (TfD) as a communication channel to sensitise the users of the hand-dug well on the link between water, sanitation, hygiene and improved livelihood in April 2016. This theatrical approach opened up discussion on keeping water bodies clean, safe and sustainable. This paper reports the findings of a study on the use of TfD as a communication channel. The study deployed semi-structured interviews, observation and focus group discussions were employed qualitative data collection tools. The post-project intervention follow-up indicate a marked improvement and efficacy of theatre in fostering change in people’s mind-set and conduct.</p> Patience Nukpezah ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2019-04-29 2019-04-29 3 1 1 12 Law and Censorship of Artistic Works in Tanzania: The Case of BASATA <p>This article provides a critical review of the legality of censorship of artistic works In Tanzania under the auspices of the National Arts Council Act, 1984 (known as <em>Baraza la Sanaa</em> Tanzania (BASATA in Kiswahili). It discusses the nature and extent of the censorship mandate granted to <em>BASATA</em> under the vis-à-vis the diversity of cultural diversities of Tanzania society regarding artistic works. In the process of the exposition, the author highlights the administrative structure and overall functions of BASATA. The artistic works which are under the mandate of BASATA are brought to the fore and a discussion on the available avenues to institute legal proceeding in a court of law against BASATA for those aggrieved by its decisions is made. Recommendations on identified issues for legal reform relating to BASATA’s role in censoring artistic works in light of the social and cultural contexts prevailing in Tanzania are made.</p> Leonard Chimanda ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2018-10-03 2018-10-03 3 1 13 26